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In other words, contra accounts are used to reduce normal accounts on the balance sheet. There are a few different types of contra accounts in the chart of accounts. Each one is tied to their respective asset, liability, or equity account to reduce their carrying balance on the balance sheet.

Contra Asset Account — A contra asset account is an asset that carries a credit balance and is used to decrease the balance of another asset on the balance.

What Is a Contra Account & Why Is It Important? | etajymesogit.tk

An example of this is accumulated depreciation. This account decreases the fixed asset carrying balance. Contra Liability Account — A contra liability account is a liability that carries a debit balance and decreases other liabilities on the balance sheet. An example of this is a discount on bonds payable. The disadvantage of contra markets is that investing in them during a broad market rally could mean missing out on big returns from the broader market. Hedging: Investors can use simple contra market strategies to hedge their portfolios.

Investors can purchase physical gold from government mints, precious metal dealers and jewelers, or through futures contracts on a commodities exchange. Contrarian Investing: Using contra market strategies can help contrarian investors profit against the crowd.

Contra Account

Some fund managers believe that taking a long position in an aging bull market is the "crowded trade," meaning there is little room for new money to push the market higher. There are many inverse ETFs that rise in price when the underlying asset falls in value. For more, see: How to Profit by Going Contrarian.

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Diversification: Using contra markets can help an investor diversify. Holding only stocks that move in the same direction may work well when the stock market is rising, but when it falls so will all the holdings in the portfolio. Adding some stocks or other assets that have a low correlation, or negative correlation, to the stock market may help level out some of the ups and down in the portfolio's returns.

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What is a Contra Revenue Account?

Related Terms Inflation Trade Definition An inflation trade is an investing scheme or trading method that seeks to profit from rising price levels influenced by inflation. Bear Market Definition A bear market is a market where securities prices fall and widespread pessimism causes a negative sentiment to be self-sustaining. Safe Haven A safe haven is an investment that is expected to retain its value or even increase in value during times of market turbulence.

  1. What Is a Contra Account & Why Is It Important? | etajymesogit.tk?
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    Contra Asset Account

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