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This is not to disrespect the Crossfit level 1 certification, which is really not the fault of the Crossfit affiliates, but more of Crossfit HQ. Some of the good Crossfit coaches I know have years of experience under their belt as well as technical programming knowledge before they even took the L1, which is really just a formality to be eligible to teach Crossfit and have an affiliate box. Both of these examples will be called Crossfit coaches, regardless of their backgrounds, as long as they both pass.


At , each coach is required to have a Sports Science or Physical Education degree from the best schools before they even become qualified to coach. We spend time not only training their technical skills, but more importantly in developing their soft skills so they can deliver service excellence, which what truly makes a coach a great coach. At , the primary reason why we include Olympic weight lifting and Olympic moves is not to get better at it or clear a higher weight.

We include Olympic weight lifting in the program when the client needs it for his activity or sport. The Olympic lifts are complex and require a lot of practice and gym time.

It will make you faster and more powerful, which are both important for various activities. Some people, however, may not need to progress that far at all to get to their fitness goals. We also do not teach it in a group class.


These lifts require special attention in every facet of the movement. We believe that the gym is not the destination. Sure our culture and Team will make you feel like the gym is your second home but we believe that exercise is not the end, but a means to an end. We train you so that you can transfer what you have just worked on and reap the benefits of it in your everyday life.

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See Class Schedule. Largest indoor obstacle course in Asia; first in PH. Adult and Youth Obstacle Zones. Physio and Stretch by Dr. Functional and Crossfit Area. High Quality Changing Rooms.

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Fuel Lounge. PHO: official cross-training facility for PH olympians. Beginner's Guide to Obstacle Course Racing. HUGE An adjunct facility of Pretty Huge Obstacles, which provides outcome-based allied health program for obstacle course racers, both on recreational and competing level through sports-specific individualized assessment and intervention. The BarAides 1. The Difference USA 1.

The Natural Grip 1.

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The Stick 1. Made In USA Free Shipping Price Range. Quick View. Rogue Echo Bike. Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings. Rogue Medicine Balls.


Rogue Echo Dog Sled. Rogue 45' Sheathed Conditioning Rope. The Bella 2. Rogue Dumbbells. Rogue Kettlebells. SE Rogue "E" Sled. Rogue Foam Games Box.

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Rogue Slice Sled. The Ohio Bar - Cerakote. The Bella Bar 2. Rogue Echo Bumper Plates.

Rogue Games Box. Rogue Resin Plyo Box. Rogue Work Hard Wraps.

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Rogue Wraps. Rogue HG 2. Rogue SR-2 Speed Rope 2.